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Types of cupping


  • Dry bloodletting: this can be the {method} of employing a vacuum cups on completely different components of shape so as to assemble blood therein space while not incisions.


  • Dry Moving Cupping: this is like dry cupping. so as to permit straightforward movement of the cups on the body, oil is employed on the skin. This process permits the blood to flow and reach all parts of the body. This method is additionally known as “Massage Cupping”.


  • Wet cupping (Hijama therapy): this can be the process of using a vacuum cups at different key points on the body with little scratches in order to get rid of ‘toxic’ blood that flows simply to a lower place the surface of the Wet bloodletting ought to solely be administered by a licensed Hijama medical aid practitioner. Wet cupping is taken into account Hijama therapy and this can be way technique of cupping. At Moslem Hijama we tend to emphasize on wet cupping (Hijama therapy) and also administer dry cupping.

Wet bloodletting

Wet Cupping is additionally referred to as Hijama therapy. throughout your Hijama therapy session with us, we are going to use this method. Hijama therapy (wet cupping) is very effective method that may treat several common diseases with high success rate. Blood stasis (stagnated or full blood) could be a situation once acidic waste matter slows down or blocks the blood vessels (capillaries) and reduces the provision of aerated and nutrient wealthy blood into the cells of our this case conjointly affects the removal of greenhouse gas and metabolic waste from our body. Our Wet bloodletting treatment removes blood stasis. Condition of blood stasis will increase with age and causes our cells, tissues and organs to weaken, feel pain, lose sensation and performance at lower efficiency. Hijama treatment helps the body get eliminate blood stasis that shape is unable to try to to on its own. every cupping purpose can be cupped once for 10-15 minutes. Specific points are cupped to heal specific conditions. quite fifty diseases is also prevented like stroke, heart disease, high vital sign (hypertension), IBS, heartburn, arthritis, migraine, disease (hepatitis), excretory organ problem, gout, high fever, myopia, snoring, asthma, respiration problems, simply to call a Doctor.

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