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Preparation for Hijama Therapy

Preparation for Hijama Therapy


Before Hijama Therapy


  • Men aren’t allowed during ladies Hijama therapy.
  • Ladies aren’t allowed during men’s Hijama therapy.
  • you want to reach least 20 minutes before your appointment time to organize for your Hijama therapy. Arriving late will reduce your Hijama therapy session time.
  • If you’ve got any illness or take any medication please inform well beforehand .
  • Please inform us beforehand if you’re taking Aspirin or any blood thinner of any strength or quantity.
  • Please inform us if you’ve got a history of fainting.
  • consult your healthcare professional regarding cupping / Hijama therapy if you’ve got any health conditions.
  • Optionally, take a quick warm ghusul, before Hijama therapy to stimulate blood circulation and promote release of blood stasis. this is often optional and not required.


Hijama therapy can’t be performed when there’s hair on skin. Men are requested to get rid of hair from their back. If you’re getting Hijama therapy on knees then remove hair 4 inches around your knees. If you propose on getting Hijama on head then your head must be shaved before time. We don’t shave hair during Hijama therapy session.

  • Avoid eating for 3 hours before taking the treatment. Drink many water or sports drink (Powerade etc). you want to not be fasting for extended than 4 hours. you want to NOT skip any meals.
  • Refrain from sexual activity or any exhausting activity after Hijama therapy for twenty-four hours
  • Wear something comfortable to be ready to easily and quickly change in fresh patient gown. we’ll have a clean and fresh gown for you to wear during Hijama therapy session. We leave copra oil on skin after Hijama therapy. Some oil may get on your shirt.
  • If you think that you simply are afflicted with sorcery or jinn please allow us to know before arriving in order that we will come up with a correct plan of treatment with you.
  • attempt to pray two rakkat ‘Salat-ul-Hajja’, give sadaqa and make dua to Allah to offer you shifa through this Sunnah remedy.
  • Ladies can get Hijama therapy done during menstruation.
  • Hijama therapy may be a spiritual treatment not a medical treatment; so have firm belief that success is in adapting the way of Prophet (saw).

Feel free to call us with any questions.


Upon Arrival


Fatima Hijama therapy may be a home based clinic, with specialise in providing you comfort, privacy and professionalism by our certified and licensed Hijama therapy practitioners. Fill out documents available in the lounge . Use the bathroom if needed and stay ready when your turn comes. Please don’t wait till you’re called to use the toilet or fill out paperwork, this leads to loss of Hijama therapy session time. We appreciate your cooperation.


After Hijama Therapy Care


  • Be mindful of offering all obligatory Salaah at its due time
  • To receive optimal health benefits, patients must walk for 20-30 minutes to stay the blood circulation.
  • If you are feeling dizzy or light headed, lie directly and lift your legs. Slowly get up after quarter-hour if you are feeling better.
  • Resume eating carefully with-in one hour after Hijama treatment. Drink many fluids right after Hijama treatment.
  • Stay active for a minimum of next 4 hours.
  • Refrain from showering immediately and don’t scrub the wound for 2-3 days. Some itchiness and skin irritation is predicted . Scratching should be avoided because it will contribute to scaring or infection.
  • When showering, avoid hitting water directly on the Hijama site.
  • Don’t apply any heat on Hijama therapy site
  • Red marks from the cupping normally fade within every week , counting on skin type.
  • Hijama therapy also has a calming effect and a few people may feel very sleepy after Hijama therapy, this is often normal. Get lots of sleep, drink many water and wake up fresh.


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