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Method of Hijama Therapy


The mouth of the cup is placed on the skin at the location where Hijama therapy is to be administered by a licensed Fatima Hijama therapy practitioner. The Hijama therapy practitioner then creates suction within the cup employing a pump, which forces the cup to hold close skin. The cup is left for a period of three to 5 minutes and this process is taken into account “Dry Cupping”. Then the cup is removed and few small superficial scratches are made on the skin using disposable sterilized scalpel. the method of creating scratches on the skin is extremely gentle and usually pain free. The cup is then replace within the same manner as described above, until it’s the toxic blood that comes out. This process is taken into account “Wet Cupping”. Then the cup is began , and therefore the skin is cleansed properly. The cup is removed &all the items that touched your skin is discarded appropriately. Blood, sharps and every one used material are placed in appropriate containers and discarded responsibly.


Experience during and after cupping


Cupping may cause mild discomfort. The degree of discomfort or pain varies from person to person and therefore the location of cupped areas on the body. the feeling of scratches with scalpel during cupping is sort of almost like insect bites. most of the people who get Hijama therapy for the primary time don’t think that it’s a painful process. The certified practitioners at Fatima Hijama are experienced and your comfort is our top priority. There are some rare side effects during cupping which are anxiety, feeling light headed, nausea, cold chills and in very rare occasion, fainting. Post cupping symptoms varies between person to person, which include feeling relieved after cupping, feeling temporarily dizzy, weak, and tired or not much sensation. Some people get very sleepy but aren’t advised to sleep for a minimum of 4 hours after cupping. Some people become very active after cupping. Individual experience may vary. In most cases people are in and out with none problems or much discomfort. the location of the Hijama therapy may feel itchy but not painful after the Hijama therapy procedure. Generally, people heal from the wound within 2-4 days. most of the people can resume their normal activity right after Hijama therapy. Read the testimonials of other patients who have experienced our Hijama treatment, to urge a far better idea.

It is quite normal for patients to report feeling relaxed and energized days and weeks after Hijama treatment. The curative effects of cupping continue months after the procedure. Chronic conditions will slowly begin to disappear over the times , weeks and months to follow.

Please be happy to ask any questions before beginning the procedure. don’t proceed with the procedure of cupping if you are doing aren’t comfortable with any aspect of it. If you’ve got any health conditions then consult your medical physician before taking Hijama treatment. Under no circumstances do you have to take Hijama treatment if your medical doctor advices against it.

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