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    Method of Hijama Therapy 

    The mouth of the cup is placed on the skin at the site where Hijama therapy is to be administered by a certified Fatima Hijama therapy practitioner. The Hijama therapy practitioner then creates suction in the cup using a pump, which forces the cup to cling to skin.  The cup is left for a period of three to five minutes and this process is considered “Dry Cupping”. Then the cup is removed and few small superficial scratches are made on the skin using disposable sterilized scalpel.  The process of making scratches on the skin is very gentle and generally pain free. The cup is then put back in the same manner as described above, until it is the toxic blood that comes out. This process is considered “Wet Cupping”.  Then the cup is taken off, and the skin is cleansed properly.  The cup is taken away & all the things that touched your skin are discarded appropriately.  Blood, sharps and all used material are placed in appropriate containers and discarded responsibly.